My name is Katerina and i was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. Photography came into my life by accident. I studied “Photography and Audiovisual Arts” at Athen’s ATEI. I completed my studies at Moholy Nagy University in Budapest – a unique experience of my life! It was there where I learned to see and think outside the box/beyond the ordinary…..and then I returned where I beginned from.

“I like to travel, i like to travel a lot…mmm…I guess I love trips…Excessively enthusiastic…I like music,street musicians and artists, stories, the stories behind images, old movies, animations, different tastes, colours, my friends”.

I fell in love and became passionate about photography from the first moment. I feel fortunate to be able to hold it next to me in life. I love travelling and capturing your beautiful moments. Capturing real emotions is our moto. Your satisfaction brings us happiness and gives us the opportunity to continue making people happy . Your love story will be unique and a source of inspiration. Me and my team will be there to keep your memories forever.

It’s happiness to love what you do, cause life is short and every moment is precious. Don't forget that with a few “clicks” it can be yours….forever!